all neck...plop!

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Hi, my name is Samera, and I'm headed straight for the modern equivalent of the dunce stool. Hi Samera.


*gaining consciousness*

caf·feine also caf·fein
A bitter white alkaloid, 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, often derived from tea or coffee and used in medicine chiefly as a mild stimulant and to treat certain kinds of headache.

Organic Chemistry is a magical language.
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all neck...plop!

hopeful love for alejandro-------->

love & prayers for alejandro's healthy swift recovery
are needed.......

and if you want to help in your own way.......

or are wondering why i am cutting and pasting todd's email....
(besides the fact that we love him and he is Austin's BRO!!!!!!)
here are a few nice words and information about his illness...

please note, there is a website now to keep in touch with the situation: